Mimoza Matoshi – Chief Executive Officer

Mimoza is one of the founders of the organisation and has worked with Integration Support Services since 2004.During her early years in UK, she became aware of the barriers to integration facing immigrant and ethnic minority communities, such as relevant guidance, support, and information.To address these concerns, Mimoza established Integration Support Services to provide a vehicle to help migrants, refugees and asylum seekers from all over the world to integrate into the established community. She is graduated in Economics and also has an MA on Refugee and Cultural Studies with East London University. She has strong interests in cultural differences and integration.




Joanna Hewelt –Immigration and Employment Adviser

Photo of Joanna Hewelt - Outreach support worker

Joanna graduated from Silesia University in Poland with an MA in Social Politics. She is registered with Health and Care Professional Council UK as Social Worker. She is also accredited under the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner Level 1 to give advice and assistance on immigration issues. This allows her to provide advice on immigration matters covering aspects such as Nationality and European Union law. She enjoys working with families on various issues.As a migrant herself, she has good understanding of issues and needs of the migrant community. Her experience and knowledge is valuable to ISS. She is able to help different communities integrate, empowering them to succeed in their lives and realise their potential.As an Employment Adviser she realises that intervention at varying levels help individuals into work, making a huge difference into their lives. She is committed to understanding the needs of each client and delivering the necessary support. Joanna is dedicated to helping the disadvantaged and providing a high quality service.



Sumana Begum – Volunteer Coordinator

sumana-begumSumana began volunteering at Integration Support Services in early 2015.  Though she started off with an interest in working as a teaching assistant in our English classes, she soon became involved in many other projects, occasionally running the Culture and Communications Group and contributing to the ISS newsletter. Sumana is now employed as the Volunteer Coordinator and now works closely with the team to make a difference to ISS’ service users and the local community.





Lana Pereira – Admin and Accounts Officer

Lana’s involvement with ISS began in 2005 when she became a service user. Soon after she has joined our team as a volunteer as she was committed to helping immigrants and giving something back to the community. Lana has had the opportunity to practice her interpreting and advocating skills as well as gaining experience in admin and accounts with ISS. In May 2010 she took a challenge to become a treasurer for ISS up to October 2011 which helped her to advance in her education and experiences. Lana believes in equal opportunities and her motto for life is “Together we can…”






Trustees and board members

Alla Kurhanska – Chair

I Allaam pleased to be offered a post of a director for ISS board. I have been ISS service user and a volunteer for several years. I am happy I can do something for the organisation that has been giving me so much support. Originally I am from Ukraine, came to the UK 15 years ago. Since arriving in the UK I integrated in the British society very well, got qualified as a paramedic and found myself working with NHS111 service and an ambulance service.

I enjoy living in the multinational society where everybody has a chance to build a happy life. Living in the UK encouraged me to learn foreign languages: Polish, Spanish and Chinese Mandarin. Britain has a unique multinational culture and I am proud to be a part of it.



Doreen Sangster- Trustee 

Photo of Doreen Sangster - the chair

As a relative newcomer to Essex, without family and friends I found the experience isolating to say the least and spent the best part of the first year driving up and down the motorway at the weekends to Yorkshire to be surrounded by the warmth and familiarity of my family and friends. This is not possible for the people we support at ISS. Doreen Sangster has extensive experience of implementing national policies for local governments and communities, focusing on equality, diversity, community cohesion and faith. She has voluntary experience with BME communities and has a MBA in Ethnic Minority Capacity Building .





Timothy Tabaaro Tumwesgire – Trustee

Thimothy Tabaroo

I have a diploma in Commercial Industrial Art and Design, Nkumba University, Uganda. I came to the United Kingdom to pursue a career in film making and acting, which am still pursuing.  When I arrived in Harlow, I joined a few charities one of which was and still is – Integration Support Services. I started as a service user. With the help of the charity, I was able to get a permanent job, which I still have. I was also able to meet people of different nationalities, which was very interesting and educational. I then became a volunteer, helping clients with things like setting up their CVs, hen later, with Family sessions at the Tree House center, where families meet for playtime with their children. There I was a receptionist and where my duties were greeting and registering families but my main duty was a caretaker of the children that came in. Making sure, they did not run into the road or hurt them serves while playing. I was always on the lookout. This gave me the chance to meet new people, solve problems, encounter, and go through a few challenges, which was a learning curve. It’s my desire to serve with Integration Support Services , it’s my way of giving back to the charity, that helped me when I needed help and to make sure others don’t experience the hardships I had way before getting



Valentina Ellice – Treasurer

valentinaI am graduate in Garment Technology and Design in Belarus. I am living in Harlow since 2006 and I have AAT Diploma in Accounting, level 4. I have been volunteering in Harlow Citizen Advice Bureau for the past 5 years where I started as receptionist and gradually moved to a payroll department assisting with accounts duties .I am enjoying working with people from different backgrounds and sharing experiences.  I would like to support Integration Support Services, as I want to give back to the local community.





Sarvamangala Jayashetty – Trustee

Having spent most of my life as a software engineer in India, abruptly moving to the UK left me in an isolated state and depression as I had no-one to share my interests and feelings. I could no longer pursue my passion for software development. However at the peak of my misery, I found comfort and joy by joining Integration Support Services. They helped me formulate new friendships, helped me conjure confidence and finally enjoy work once again. Due to this, I wear their badge with great honour and pride knowing and applauding the wonderful work they do to help people fit in once more.

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