“It is not only a place where you go for some activities but a place to meet people as well. I like these English classes because I can meet people from different countries and apart from that, all teachers are very friendly and they try to help you all the time”.
MARIA (Intermediate Student).

“I want give a public recognition to teachers who have given us their knowledge in English in such a dynamic, pleasant, warm, interesting and friendly way. I’ve learnt and enjoyed each session. I will always be eternally grateful with ISS and each one of volunteer teachers for the support in English. Thanks so much forever”.
PATRICIA (Intermediate Student)

“I am thankful for all of your support and encouragement. I have increased such a huge amount of personal belief, confidence and my communication skills have improved. I have increased my career perspective from all the support I have received. In my opinion, they are not just classes but also very meaningful and a social interacting group where we can integrate with each other”.
RATTINAN (Intermediate Student)

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