A new academic year, a fresh start!

A fresh new classroom, a large intake of students, and a team of dedicated staff and volunteers is a recipe for success. At Falcon English we are dedicated to ensuring that our students are progressing in their learning and enjoying their classes. Learning English will be the key for so many of our students for successfully integrating into life in the UK.

As a teacher, as well as the coordinator at the school, I love how involved our students are! The commitment they show to their own development and the sense of camaraderie they show to their fellow students is truly wonderful to be a part of.

Another aspect of Falcon English that makes it special is the magic of creating opportunity. Our commitment to the community means that we create opportunities for people to progress and gain experience through helping in different ways. We have people developing skills through volunteering as teaching assistants, helping develop our curriculum and running sessions and workshops. In January we will be releasing a timetable of different workshops in English run by the students or others in the local community. They will range from sewing to dancing, cooking to acting! We are made up of a community of people with amazing skills to share, and there is no better way to help the community than to share those skills.

FES Students enjoy working in a team !