Advice and Guidance Sessions

Integration Support Services provides a range of services in relation to integration. We can assist and advocate with the following: interpreting, learning English, employment advice, education advice, volunteering and help filling out forms.

Whether you need help to apply for Universal Credit, complete University application or apply for a job, our multilingual staff are on hand to help you in several areas.

The service is free and available thanks to our main funder, The National lottery who have funded our charity to run the Pathway to Integration Project. Our main beneficiaries are refugees and migrants in the UK who are living in and around Harlow. Many are recent arrivals to the UK, whereas others may have been here for some time but have struggled to integrate successfully.

Many of our clients have very limited English language skills and are very isolated and unable to access local support and mainstream services due to the language barrier. We provide advice and guidance in various languages to meet the language and cultural needs of our clients. With our current staff and volunteer capacity we can provide multilingual support for up to 15 languages.

We work very closely with local organisations, such as Citizen Advice Bureau, Safer Places and many other local and regional organisations. We can refer you to our partners if your needs are outside our remit of expertise.

If you are a client and require help with any issues relating to integration, please make an appointment by calling our office on 01279 639442 or email

If you are a partner who wish to get involved or would like to refer a client, please download our referral form HERE or email to

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