As one Course finishes, another one starts!

We have just finished the September 2021 course! Well done to all of our students.

As one Course finishes, another one starts!

Our second 18 week course started on 21 February 2022. We will be delivering a mixture of face to face and online classes, with free practical sessions to help with reading and conversation. These practical sessions are open to anyone to join and are delivered in an informal and relaxed environment that gives an opportunity for people to practice their English and connect with others.

We are very pleased to welcome back students from our first course, who all moved up one ability level, as well as new beginner students just starting their journey with us in learning English.

Our senior level classes are nearly all full, but we do have spaces in our beginner level classes for anyone thinking of starting with us.

Learning highlights since September include remembering Black History month, with our Reading Circle class concentrating on reading a book about the black civil rights activist, Dr Martin Luther King. One session examined segregation; exploring the feeling of being segregated, isolated and persecuted. Another session commemorated Holocaust Memorial Day, exploring and studying excerpts from Anne Franks’ Diary. We also considered the meaning behind Remembrance Day, and its international importance. We had lessons looking at Christmas and how it is celebrated around the world in different countries and by different cultures. In the coming course we will be celebrating International Women's Day, Refugee Week, and reading a book about Anne Frank.

Our lessons are delivered by qualified teachers who are committed to supporting our student's learning journey. We aim to improve students’ abilities in reading, writing, listening and speaking, as well as building on their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. Students will have an opportunity to take an exam at the end of the course at our exam centre.

If you require more information about our ESOL courses, or would like to book an appointment to do the assessment test, please contact us on 01279 639442 or via email

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