UM Project

The Unaccompanied Minors project was set up in summer 2021, when we were approached by a foster carer who asked if we could offer work experience to one child. They informed us that this child, due to lockdown had limited access to English provisions. Our instant response was to say yes. We were then approached to take two students. We said yes to this too.

On the first day of work experience eighteen young people turned up with their foster carers and social workers. They said ‘we heard you are running a summer school’, My immediate response was ‘we weren’t, but I guess we are now’.

We were able to restructure our service immediately and offer a ten week structured learning course that was accessed by 52 young people.

Some came and joined activities as and when they required, whilst others dedicated their time and stayed from morning until we closed at 5pm to volunteer.

The activities included learning a wide range of skills and opportunities to volunteer and gain work experience in the UK. The young people were able to establish friendship groups that continue to date.

We are currently seeking funding to open a homework club and activities for this group of young people during holidays

Our sincere Thanks to Essex Community Foundation for supporting this project with funding that enabled the young people to access resources that were used to teach practical life skills.

If you would like to get involved , please contact our office on 01279 639442, or via email

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