Why Volunteer?

Integration Support Services (ISS) is a charity based in Harlow, Essex and started its support Services for vulnerable migrants and refugees in 2005. ISS mission statement is to support the successful Integration of migrants, refugees, ethnic minority communities and groups in Essex and Hertfordshire and with a vision to see an integrated society where inequalities and barriers between different races, origins and beliefs do not exist.

“Coming to the Integration Support Services, helped me find opportunities I’ve always aspired. Sparing one days per week helped me to come out of my shell and become a confident person. Aisha, ISS Volunteer “

Have you ever though about volunteering, but aren’t sure about the whole concept of such activity or are worried about whether you have enough skills to offer? Can you spare the gift of time either one afternoon a week, or just a couple of hours a month? Here are a few reasons to Volunteer for ISS :

· Volunteering is an excellent way of meeting new people and gaining valuable work experience, all while giving back to the community.

· It’s an opportunity to gain experience and skills such as administration, event management, social media, advocacy, interpreting

· One of the best things about volunteering is meeting the other volunteers and make new friends!

· Many people who do voluntary work say that it has helped them to feel more confident in all sorts of ways.

· You will receive full training and ongoing support

· You will be reimbursed for out of pocket travelling expenses

There are many volunteering opportunities at Integration Support Services and we are grateful for the dedication of our volunteers, who share their time and skills to help us deliver our vital services.

“Without my work and family, volunteering helped me through lockdown. It helped me find a sense of purpose in such uncertain times. Anna, ISS Volunteer “

We provide training for all of our volunteers. Many of our volunteers went on to secure full-time employment, started studying at university or set up their own businesses. Our volunteers are also welcome to access our information, advice and guidance services.

In addition, Integration Support Services is partnered with Tempo and our volunteers can choose to sign up to receive Time Credits. For each hour that a volunteer spends supporting ISS, we issue a Time Credit to thank them for their generosity. Time Credits can then be spent at partner organisations throughout the UK, giving volunteers the opportunity to try new activities or visit new places. More details about Time Credits and current spend opportunities are available on the Time Credits website.

If you would like to volunteer for Integration Support Services, please complete our Volunteer Application FORM and send it back to

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