Adam Bruton - Volunteer

FES Teaching Assistant  

To say ISS has had a positive impact on my life would be an understatement. It has given me a chance to tap into a part of myself I thought had been lost to me. It has resurrected a part of me I thought was dead. I know you may think I may be gilding the lily somewhat, but this me last year I was in a very dark place considering deeds due to a set back with my pension appeal. However a year forward, and thanks in a very big part to ISS, I am in a happier place, feeling fulfilled and useful. I am looking forward to things again. I have a sense of purpose again and an ambition to try new things. Not all in one go, mind you, but things are a lot more improved upon where I was this time last year. I feel that the Charity is providing such an important role within Harlow. If I were to have a wish, I would wish for it’s profile to be higher and its role much larger, so it could reach more people. My main reason for this is to help break down the barriers and suspicions people have of newcomers to the area. I have found myself explaining the Charity’s role to quite a few people now. People who have lived in Harlow for years, or most of their lives. A few of them had negative things to say, but nearly every single one of them saying these things, found their minds changing, when I told them about some of the students I had met. I would love to see the Charity providing more people with the opportunities our current students enjoy, on a bigger scale. I know this is easier said than done, but this is my wish for the future.

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